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K6000 Dash Cam Review $25.49

K6000 Dash Cam Review

  • Price
  • Video Quality
  • Screen
  • Viewing Angle

Dashboard cameras are getting cheaper day by day. One of the cheapest you can buy is the K6000. A very affordable dash cam made in China. Even for its low price you still get a decent amount of features of good quality.

The dash cam shoots good video recording in daytime and average at night time.  It offers regular and powerful data to treat incidents and distinguishes accountability to prove your side of the story in the case of an accident.

Some alternatives to consider are the DVR-207 and G1W dash cams. They are both slightly more expensive but offer better reliability.



The K6000 is a high definition photographic dash cam which provides HD video. Even at its low price it can record video of 1920×1080p at 25fps, or perhaps 1440×1080 at 30fps.

The video recording quality in daytime is great for the price but at night time is just below average. The K6000 dashboard camera also features a G-sensor however, it doesn’t accompany GPS. Trustworthiness for this photographic camera is good and it possesses a viewpoint angle of around 140 degrees.



  • 2.7″ TFT LCD screen
  • Price: see Amazon US / Amazon UK (more vendors below)
  • 140 degrees lens angle
  • Includes a G-sensor
  • 1080p video recording at 25fps and 30fps at 720p
  • AVI video system
  • JPEG picture format:
  • Motion detector can be On or off
  • 3/5/10 mins recording time:
  • 2 LED screens (white)
  • No internal memory
  • Supports up to 8GB external memory
  • Includes built in speaker and microphone
  • HDMI video output:
  • Li-ion battery
  • DC Power supply



This is one of the most cheapest dashboard cameras on the market now. The K6000 typically sells for $25.49 on Amazon.



The K6000 dash cam features a built-in 2.7″ monitor,  G-sensor for motions recognition, and has a comparatively vast looking 140 degree viewing angle that is in excess of one of the cheapest dashboard video cameras you can buy.

It also features a loop recording system with automatic time and date set up.  This is excellent value for money for a dashboard camera for around $25!



It may not be a stealthy digital camera as a result of it slightly larger form factor than other dash cams. Some customers have reviewed that K6000 recording poor audio quality. Most likely to a very cheap microphone used. Sometimes the GPS doesn’t work and can take a fairly long time to lock.


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K6000 Dash Cam Photos

A high res side view of the K6000 Dash Cam

K6000 dash cam side view

The K6000 without the windscreen mount

A screenshot of the K6000 built in display

Content of the K6000 dashboard camera

The K6000 dash cam in the day time

Night time shot of the K6000


K6000 Dash Cam Videos


Night Time



Like almost all of the Novatek dependent cameras, the K6000 dash cam is inexpensive but photo quality isn’t as good as some slightly higher priced car cameras.

But, its adequate for evidence in case of an accident as licence plates are clearly visible. If you love the appearance of this camera and also the video recording quality then it might be worth a consideration.

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